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Blue Chip Financial Planning is a fee only registered investment advisory firm operated by Mark J. Siekierski, CFP®, ChFC, CRPC, AAMS. Blue Chip Financial Planning specializes in comprehensive financial planning. 

Depending on your plan, we may need to bring in other professionals to help complete your financial plan. This may include insurance agents, attorneys, etc. You will be responsible for any compensation to these professionals. You can choose the professionals or BCFP can recommend them to you, whichever you prefer. Following is a list of core areas of financial planning that we provide:   

v    Financial Planning Process

v    Insurance (Life, Accident and Health)

v    Investment Planning

v    Income Tax Planning

v Employee Benefit and Retirement Planning

v    Estate Planning

We also provide information on mortgage refinancing. BCFP has saved clients thousands of dollars on home refinancing and debt consolidation. We don't charge anything extra for this service. In fact, we will talk to lenders around the area for you to find the best rates.

Your account assets will be held by an independent custodian selected by us. We will not have custody of any of the assets in your account. BCFP will prepare all of the documents and forms  associated with transferring your existing accounts or opening new accounts.

The service also includes a very detailed quarterly statement with information about your account and BCFP's quarterly news letter

We feel that a fee only arrangement is the fairest means of compensation for our clients. This removes conflicts of interest that may exist when a broker is selling a commission-based product. We work for our clients, putting their interests first, and the recommendations that we provide will not have an economic benefit to us.    


What are the steps involved to complete the financial planning process at BCFP?


  1. Establish and define the relationship
    • Review and sign Blue Chip Financial Planning’s Financial Management Agreement.
  1. Gather client data
    • Fill out the BCFP Data Survey Form and provide documents that we may request.
  1. Analyze and evaluate the client’s financial status
    • We will analyze the information to gain an understanding of the client’s financial situation and then evaluate to what extent the client’s goals and priorities can be met.
  1. Develop and present financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives
    • We will develop a plan and provide the information to you in a report. We will then meet with you and present the plan to you. 
  1. Implement the financial planning recommendations
    • Once you have agreed to the plan, we will implement it for you.
  1. Monitor the financial planning recommendations
    • We will review your account at least quarterly and, depending on whether the account is discretionary or non-discretionary, we will make changes or provide  recommendations.  






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